Below is a table of surnames beginning with the letter Q from the Cemetery Master Index. The names are initially displayed alphabetically within each cemetery group. The table can be sorted by any field by clicking on the up or down arrows after each column title, and it can be searched using the search box in the upper right corner of the table. You can search by surname, first name, year of birth or death, or by any combination of these terms. [NOTE: Not all of this information is available for every record. For example, some headstones may not have listed the year of birth or may have used an initial instead of a complete first or middle name.]

Due to variations in the information that was included in the cemetery indexes over the years, the Master Index only includes the fields that are common for all of them: Last Name, First Name, Birth Date/Year, and Death Date/Year. To see if more information is available for an individual, click on the name of the cemetery in the last column. This will show you a PDF file of the transcripts for that cemetery and you can then find the name alphabetically on the list.

QuaidRuth M.n/an/aCalvary Catholic
QuaidWalter J.n/an/aCalvary Catholic
QuangHo Dinh19161983Calvary Catholic
QuartettiBernadine J.1933n/aCalvary Catholic
QuartettiRalph W.1935n/aCalvary Catholic
QuaschnickLonore S.1-Mar-1717-Dec-99Calvary Catholic
QuetchenbackAlbert E.19171990Calvary Catholic
QuetchenbackGrace A.19142001Calvary Catholic
QuezonJaime L.19-Sep-3819-May-88Calvary Catholic
QuezonLeoncia L.26-Jan-108-Jan-97Calvary Catholic
QuickLeRoy "Jim"19212005Calvary Catholic
QuickMary P.1935n/aCalvary Catholic
QuickWilliam H.19621987Calvary Catholic
QuigleyJ. Edward18981968Calvary Catholic
QuigleyMary19021986Calvary Catholic
QuigleyMary G.19011982Calvary Catholic
QuigleyRichard18991984Calvary Catholic
QuigleyWinifred J.19061987Calvary Catholic
QuinlanAnthony28-Jul-0119-Jun-74Calvary Catholic
QuinlanEmily Catherine22-May-0815-Jul-98Calvary Catholic
QuinnAgnes F.19071995Calvary Catholic
QuinnAnne Y.8-Dec-19Calvary Catholic
QuinnArleen R.1934n/aCalvary Catholic
QuinnBeatrice M.19061996Calvary Catholic
QuinnBertha M.18961961Calvary Catholic
QuinnCasey P.1951n/aCalvary Catholic
QuinnCecelia19011992Calvary Catholic
QuinnCharles L.5-Apr-1223-Apr-92Calvary Catholic
QuinnCollette R19031986Calvary Catholic
QuinnEileen M.19131978Calvary Catholic
QuinnElizabeth M.19042000Calvary Catholic
QuinnEllen19061974Calvary Catholic
QuinnErnest F.19101992Calvary Catholic
QuinnEugene B.19211977Calvary Catholic
QuinnGenevieve19061996Calvary Catholic
QuinnGeorge F. S.18981963Calvary Catholic
QuinnGeorgianna Anna M.19031989Calvary Catholic
QuinnGilbert D.19091982Calvary Catholic
QuinnHarry Leo19041993Calvary Catholic
QuinnJ. Gertrude18981973Calvary Catholic
QuinnJames M.18941981Calvary Catholic
QuinnJane18931975Calvary Catholic
QuinnJeanne E.19041990Calvary Catholic
QuinnL. Duane1926n/aCalvary Catholic
QuinnLanier (Ted)19091985Calvary Catholic
QuinnLanier, III19642004Calvary Catholic
QuinnLouise F.19171989Calvary Catholic
QuinnMarie C.19281992Calvary Catholic
QuinnMarilyn L.1930n/aCalvary Catholic
QuinnMary G.18991986Calvary Catholic
QuinnMay A.n/a1977Calvary Catholic
QuinnPatrick19041987Calvary Catholic
QuinnPatrick A.31-Jan-1022-Mar-86Calvary Catholic
QuinnPaul F.19152006Calvary Catholic
QuinnRuth Irene5-Dec-692-May-88Calvary Catholic
QuinnYvonne J.19111991Calvary Catholic
QuinonesVictoria E.1930n/aCalvary Catholic
QuintanillaDominick R.7-Jan-9911-Feb-99Calvary Catholic
QuintinArthur W.19041984Calvary Catholic
QuintinCatherine McElhone18881987Calvary Catholic
QuintonGertrude19151993Calvary Catholic
QuintonJames J.18991982Calvary Catholic
QuirkMinnie R.n/an/aCalvary Catholic
QuirkThos. F.n/an/aCalvary Catholic
QuirkeMary M.22-Feb-1015-Jan-90Calvary Catholic
QUENANVelina1916n/aChapel Hill Memorial Park
QUESNELLLeland J.18991971Chapel Hill Memorial Park
QUILLHARTEarl R.18991981Chapel Hill Memorial Park
QUILLHARTMary A.1908n/aChapel Hill Memorial Park
QUINNJames E.19201986Chapel Hill Memorial Park
QUACKENBUSHBEATRICE A.26 FEB 188713-Nov-86Clearwater Municipal
QUACKENBUSHEDDIE J.3 JUL 18855-May-72Clearwater Municipal
QUEENAANTHONY J.19051985Clearwater Municipal
QUEENAMARY19021999Clearwater Municipal
QUICKCASPER2-Jul-32Clearwater Municipal
QUINNLULLEAN L.15-Feb-1718-Nov-82Clearwater Municipal
QUINNRUTH C.18821944Clearwater Municipal
QUAINTANCEMary E.5-Mar-80Cycadia
QUAINTANCERussell R.27-Dec-78Cycadia
QUILLINHerman M.14-Jun-84Cycadia
QUIMBYDonald F.11-Oct-85Cycadia
QUIMBYMelvain Lee22-Apr-53Cycadia
QUINNAlbert W.18-Feb-57Cycadia
QUINTONHarold19211987Episcopal Church of the Ascension
QUALMANClara18961993Garden Sanctuary
QUALMANRoy18971972Garden Sanctuary
QUAMEmma E.19011974Garden Sanctuary
QUAMNels A.18871984Garden Sanctuary
QUICKMildred19121980Garden Sanctuary
QUILLENRobert B.19331996Garden Sanctuary
QUINTMarjorie M.19011981Garden Sanctuary
QUINTNicholas18961984Garden Sanctuary
QUINNJackn/an/aGlen Oaks
QuarlesWilliam E.19101956Largo
QuickGreen Berry18961959Largo
QuidleyEna M.19061990Largo
QuidleyRubin Norwood19021967Largo
QuinnLullean L.19171982Largo
QUINNSarah J.1/15/19231/17/1991Lincoln
QUACKENBUSHEdna C.18991965Royal Palm South
QUAINTANCEDolly Stiles19031985Royal Palm South
QUAINTANCEWilliam B.19011967Royal Palm South
QUAZZACharlotte B.19041975Royal Palm South
QUAZZAJohn Elias18861954Royal Palm South
QUAZZALeo James18971964Royal Palm South
QUEENBernice T.19201974Royal Palm South
QUEENMary E.19122000Royal Palm South
QUEENSamuel D.18941970Royal Palm South
QUEHLNan Dulaney19041979Royal Palm South
QUEHLThomas Henry19011985Royal Palm South
QUEHLThomas Malcolm MD19291977Royal Palm South
QUICKGrace S.18981974Royal Palm South
QUICKRaymond1897n/aRoyal Palm South
QUICKSALL Dr.b.n/a d.n/aRoyal Palm South
QUIGLEYBeatrice19041971Royal Palm South
QUIGLEYEllsworth E. Jr.1937n/aRoyal Palm South
QUIGLEYLois A.1937n/aRoyal Palm South
QUINNCora E.18811971Royal Palm South
QUINNJames N.18771936Royal Palm South
QUINNJohn M.19041970Royal Palm South
QUINNMary18861953Royal Palm South
QUINNPeter J.1884n/aRoyal Palm South
QUIRKHarry J.18851934Royal Palm South
QUISENBERRYAnna L.18881932Royal Palm South
QUYHuynh Huu19621985Royal Palm South
QUACKENBUSHJames H.19221993Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUACKENBUSHPauline M.19151997Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUATTLEBAUMJon Kyle19681994Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUERNSM. Marguerite18841979Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUERNSWilliam R.18861974Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUIAMBAOGeraldine19381994Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUIAMBAOJulie Ellen19701975Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUIANAFlorence F.19151992Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUIANAJohn J.19101976Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUICKBen M.1916n/aSerenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUICKElla Mae1920n/aSerenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUICKHelen Padgett1914n/aSerenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUICKOtho James19151998Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUICKELMary A.19041989Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUICKELNevin C.18951985Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUIGELBetty W.1903n/aSerenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUIGELGordon B.19041991Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUIGLEYDonald E.19111985Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUIGLEYFern M.19141990Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUIGLEYFrances M.19001975Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUIGLEYJudy M.19401989Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUIGLEYRichard S.19031980Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUINBYE. Jay18941981Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUINBYMargaret Bell19021986Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUINNJoseph J.18981991Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUIRCKFrancis T.19011976Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUIRCKGertrude F.19101980Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUISTArwood F.19031979Serenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUISTGladys S.1905n/aSerenity Gardens Memorial Park
QUACKENBUSHLyman V.19111971St. Matthew's Episcopal
QUICKRuth Mae Palmer19381996Sunnyside
QUINNHarriett E.18601940Sunnyside
QUINNPatricia M.19211997Sunnyside
QUINNThomas A.18591933Sunnyside
QUANCEMae I.1915NAWoodlawn
QUERRYFrank C.18991986Woodlawn
QUERRYHilda A.19021973Woodlawn
QUICKGeorge F.NANAWoodlawn
QUINNEdith Flore19121979Woodlawn
QUINNEdward P.19091970Woodlawn
QUINNMildred B.1908NAWoodlawn