Pinellas County Newspaper Extracts

Over the years, PGS has extracted, or obtained extracts, from various newspapers in Pinellas County. This information contains items, such as obituaries and wedding announcements, which have been placed into four major groupings. Please click on the following links to see more details on each group and links to the individual record sets:

Obituary Indexes: Selected Obituary Collection & St. Petersburg Times Obituaries, 1990-1992

Marriage/Anniversary/Engagement Notices, 1970-1974: From two local newspapers, St. Petersburg Times & Tampa Tribune

Centenarian Birthdays & Obituaries, 2001-2005: From various Pinellas County newspapers

WPA Project #2865: Accidental Deaths, 1901-1938 & 3 Necrology Indexes, 1901-1935