Below is a table of surnames beginning with the letter X from the Cemetery Master Index. The names are initially displayed alphabetically within each cemetery group. The table can be sorted by any field by clicking on the up or down arrows after each column title, and it can be searched using the search box in the upper right corner of the table. You can search by surname, first name, year of birth or death, or by any combination of these terms. [NOTE: Not all of this information is available for every record. For example, some headstones may not have listed the year of birth or may have used an initial instead of a complete first or middle name.]

Due to variations in the information that was included in the cemetery indexes over the years, the Master Index only includes the fields that are common for all of them: Last Name, First Name, Birth Date/Year, and Death Date/Year. To see if more information is available for an individual, click on the name of the cemetery in the last column. This will show you a PDF file of the transcripts for that cemetery and you can then find the name alphabetically on the list.

XavierFrancis, Mother19042002Calvary Catholic
XELASPeter J.24-Oct-80Cycadia
XYSTRISMichael C.21-Sep-76Cycadia
XANDERAlbert F.1908n/aSerenity Gardens Memorial Park
XANDERMary Devona1908n/aSerenity Gardens Memorial Park
XO???? F.18NAWoodlawn
XONellie V.18991973Woodlawn