Alexander Funeral Home

These records were taken from the Alexander Funeral Home located in Clearwater, Florida. The Mortuary was in operation from 1917 to 1947, and the information presented on the patrons of the Mortuary during that time can be of both historical and genealogical interest. Although not all the records are uniformly complete, information can be found on the date and cause of death; the place of birth, death, funeral, and interment; the name of spouse; the occupation; and the name and birth places of the parents.

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Bussey Funeral Home

Mr. Henry P. Bussey began the first funeral home at 318 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1895.  In 1897 he purchased a 5 acre tract, portioned it into 1,200 lots which became Greenwood Cemetery.  In 1905 Mr. Bussey sold the funeral home and cemetery to Senator Samuel D. Harris; Mr. Harris selling to Mr. Endicott in 1917.

Many of the individuals included in this record were buried in Greenwood Cemetery; others were buried in Sunnyside, St. Bartholomew, Glen Oak, and Moffett (it should be noted that Moffett was closed in 1958 and remains were moved to Lincoln Cemetery).

The Pinellas Genealogy Society acquired a copy of the Bussey Funeral Home Records which cover the period from May 22, 1895 to February 23, 1910.  Unfortunately, Mr. Bussey did not list the location of burial in his records.  It is only through our work with the cemeteries in question that we know where some individuals were buried. We have sorted the records alphabetically to enhance your ability to search.  Bussey Funeral Home Extraction work was performed by Pinellas Genealogy Society member Gladys Evan in January 2002.

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Additional Historic Pinellas County Funeral Homes

The records for Simmons Funeral Home, which was located at 4th Street & 35th Avenue in St. Petersburg and is no longer in business, are held by Anderson-McQueen Funeral Home in St. Petersburg (

Anderson-McQueen also holds the records of former funeral director Ralph G. Cooksey, previously located at 917 Arlington Avenue N. in St. Petersburg.